We are on the same page!!!

First, *THANK YOU!* for your kind and encouraging comments!!!!  It has been a GOOD week, and I am still workin’ my plan!  :)  I’m thinking more in situations where I would be buying cheap and yummy snacks, and I’m easily choosing to abstain.  WOOHOOO!

I found the blogpost about the Amish at Myra’s Journey, and it resonated with some thoughts I recently had about exercise.  In the past I’ve had seasons where workouts did become enjoyable over time, but these days I’ve found that notion weird.  I mean, all through history people worked hard~unless they were rich or royal.  They had to in order to enjoy their daily provisions.  I wonder how strange they would think it to schedule workouts in for activity?  LOL!  And suddenly the whole notion of exercise videos seemed ridiculous!  And yet I’m not willing to give up my washing machine or vehicle or grocery store…  And so it is necessary, however unnatural feeling.  How sad that our activity isn’t naturally built into our day anymore!  I wasn’t able to comment~I love when people enable that name/URL setting!  Her blog is a great read.

Walking doesn’t seem to fall in that dreaded “It’s a workout!” category for me, and here’s a link I found on Pinterest about its benefits that is very inspiring!!!!!

It's great to "meet" ya~thanks for commenting! :)

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